Eradicating Non-Determinism in Tests

Linked on Apr 14 at 21:06

I hate non-deterministic tests, which is why I strive for a completely fresh testing environment for each and every test. In-memory databases make this much easier (and faster). Python makes it easy to construct file-like objects for tests instead of relying on files on a filesystem. When testing an application which must hit the filesystem, … Read more

Touch-based App Design for Toddlers

Linked on Dec 9 at 18:47

Luke Wroblewski’s critique of touch-screen GUIs for apps for toddlers reminds us that children do not react to interfaces as adults would. Most adults (well, not me) have at least some patience with computer interfaces. Modal dialogs are tolerable. Buttons are generally understood to require only one action (ie. click or tap) before they respond.

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Why the Singularity isn't going to happen

Linked on Oct 15 at 18:14

This article by Annalee Newitz echoes some of my thoughts on the supposed coming singularity. Like it or not, the future is driven by business. Now, I believe in the benefits of The Market—it’s given us some great things—but let’s not fool ourselves. The same people who will make the nanobots which will keep our … Read more

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David Mark's Essential Javascript Tips - Volume #8 - Tip #47E - Attaching and Detaching Event Listeners

Linked on Dec 15 at 22:29

David Mark, that JavaScript curmudgeon, wrote a detailed approach in comp.lang.javascript to the attaching and detaching of event listeners, depending on context and browser. It’s quite possibly more information than you require, but a great resource with no doubts to its accuracy. I’m bookmarking this so that I may confirm the existence of prior volumes … Read more