Avichal’s Blog – Focus on building 10x teams, not on hiring 10x developers

Linked on Dec 17 at 8:40

Avichal Garg argues that hiring a well-rounded, well-coordinated team which plays off its members’ strengths goes farther than hiring a single well-rounded developer.

I like the concept, but it’s light on evidence. Is there supporting data, not anecdotes, that hiring such a 10x team is more economical than hiring a smaller group of so-called 10x developers? How much more likely is it that one could find 6-7 complementary developers than a handful who just get shit done? And that their increased quality and output outweigh their extra cost? Without evidence, the argument Is just a lot of hand-waving.

Still, hiring complementary team members is something to keep in mind. But how does one gauge the personalities required to complement an existing team? How does one spot a “Pinocchio” in an interview? What about rebalancing the team as each individual grows or others leave?