Da Vinci kept to-do lists too

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I like to-do lists. Every day I’m either making one or maintaining one. I don’t trust my brain to remember lists, so I write them down. Big whoop, you say, and so do I. Lists are nothing special. And yet, many people don’t take advantage of lists and instead keep their to-do items in their … Read more

I redesigned my site for the future!

Nov 8, 2011

For years my personal site has been an embarrassment. I avoided writing new posts so I wouldn’t have to link to them, its design was that bad. Having quit my job last month, I spent some time working on a design I could be proud of. Last Friday I silently launched that design.

This new … Read more

Eradicating Non-Determinism in Tests

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I hate non-deterministic tests, which is why I strive for a completely fresh testing environment for each and every test. In-memory databases make this much easier (and faster). Python makes it easy to construct file-like objects for tests instead of relying on files on a filesystem. When testing an application which must hit the filesystem, … Read more

On My Mind

I've disabled use of my work's HTTP proxy in favour of HTTPS for reasons of productivity. Many of you have HTTPS sites which need fixing.

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