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More popular than Ian Stevens

Nov 10, 2002

Vic suggested that I comment on my rise in the Google rankings. At present writing, a Google search for “ian stevens” returns my Radio weblog as the highest ranking search result, surpassing even famous Shrewsbury forward Ian Stevens as well as Ian Stevens, … Read more

Crazed monkey is after their blood!

Nov 7, 2002

I know the whole Googlism thing is passé, but I can’t resist just one post. I’m still not sure if I want to stick with the “crazed monkey” theme, but after performing a Googlism search for “crazed monkey“, I’m leaning towards keeping it:

crazed monkey is … Read more

RSS feed now valid

Nov 5, 2002

That invalid RSS feed I spoke of was actually my bad. As it turns out, I actually was including a relative URL reference. Wow, do I feel like a dumbass for not taking a hard look at this entry which was causing the problem.

So now I have a valid RSS … Read more

Archives now online

Nov 4, 2002

I’ve managed to put an archive listing by adding an “archive” flavour and messing with the Apache rules. Here are the lines I added to my Apache ruleset for the blog directory:

RewriteRule ^archives$ archives/ [R] RewriteRule archives/(.*) blosxom.cgi/$1?flav=archive [L]

For some reason that first rule is not automatically filling in a missing trailing slash, … Read more