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Eddie C’s rare groove selections for November

Nov 4, 2002

My friend Ed DJs out in Banff on Thursdays at Zona’s Bistro and on Sundays at the Saltlik. He mixes a blend of house, dub, hip-hop and rare groove but is also into the mad techno, electro and jungle styles. Be sure to check out one of his nights. You will not be disappointed.

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Archives now online

Nov 4, 2002

I’ve managed to put an archive listing by adding an “archive” flavour and messing with the Apache rules. Here are the lines I added to my Apache ruleset for the blog directory:

RewriteRule ^archives$ archives/ [R] RewriteRule archives/(.*) blosxom.cgi/$1?flav=archive [L]

For some reason that first rule is not automatically filling in a missing trailing slash, … Read more