Archives now online

I’ve managed to put an archive listing by adding an “archive” flavour and messing with the Apache rules. Here are the lines I added to my Apache ruleset for the blog directory:

RewriteRule ^archives$ archives/ [R]
RewriteRule archives/(.*) blosxom.cgi/$1?flav=archive [L]

For some reason that first rule is not automatically filling in a missing trailing slash, so not adding it will just take you to the main page. I will look at that later. I also edited the blosxom.cgi script so that if the flavour is “archive”, stories with the same date are not preceeded by that date, and the number of entries displayed is a high number, like 100000.

Bringing up the archive page is a little slow so I might just forward the archives directory to a static page which contains links to per-month archives. This will do for now, however.

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