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Further separating content and style

Dec 15, 2002

To further separate content and style in my weblog, I have eliminated the use of the <tt> and <i> HTML elements. Any use of the <tt> element has been replaced with one of <code>, <samp> or <var> when referencing computer code, output or variables, respectively. I am a little fuzzy on where text which delineates … Read more

The Joy of Signing

Nov 26, 2002

I just spent the past few minutes signing twenty release documents and witnessing our CEO’s signature on those same twenty documents. I’ll have to do it all over again tomorrow for the releasees’ documents. The good thing is that the $2 million counterclaim and our subsequent $12 million counterclaim vanish in a puff of legal … Read more

Comments are now online

Nov 20, 2002

Following Vic’s example I have added comments thanks to Haloscan. However, I have chosen to use the bare minimum Javascript so there is no dynamic displaying of the total number of comments as of yet.