Further separating content and style

To further separate content and style in my weblog, I have eliminated the use of the <tt> and <i> HTML elements. Any use of the <tt> element has been replaced with one of <code>, <samp> or <var> when referencing computer code, output or variables, respectively. I am a little fuzzy on where text which delineates an XML element or a method name fits within those three elements and so I am surrounding them with <code> for now. Since I used the <i> element sparingly, my only uses were when referencing a title of a work, or when quoting within a <blockquote> element. Instances of the latter have been eliminated as this is why stylesheets exist, while instances of the former have been replaced with <cite>.

Why am I doing this? I do not want to force browsers to render blocks of code in a certain way. If some users prefer their book titles to be underlined, who am I to say that shouldn’t be possible? If someone likes computer code, inlined or not, to be rendered with a grey background, so be it. Furthermore, as someone who has written programs to scrape useful information out of HTML, I appreciate the need to be able to easily do so, which is why my weblog is strict XHTML1.0.

My name is Ian Stevens, and I support the segregation of content and style.

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