I have no inner geek

In case there was any doubt as to my level of geekiness after reading my most recent tirade, Vic wanted me to mention that my background graphic was drawn in XFIG, a vector-based drawing program for systems running X Windows, and imported into The GIMP where a canvas filter was applied to obtain the finished image. A second filter was applied to the faded background image, which was blurred and had its contrast reduced.

I get confused when people talk about their “inner geek”, either implying that they only let it out on special occasions but otherwise keep it locked up tight, or that somehow having one gives them a slight edge with a touch of cool. These people are either closet geeks, suppressing their true urges, or are poser wannabes. I have no inner geek and neither do most of my friends, who are geeks in some form or another, be it computer, music, science, art or other. Geeks are people who have clear interests and truly care about them, mostly to excess. And, no, that doesn’t include drugs, alcohol or, regrettably, self image.

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