Screw Québec’s sovereignty, what about Canada’s?

There were two nicely conflicting articles in today’s Globe & Mail. The first article concerns the creation of a coalition on Québec sovereignty while the second, a commentary by Stephen Clarkson, points out the United States’ indefatigable desire for total North American dominance.

In these times, the idea of Québec sovereignty is a quaint one, especially given that Canada’s own sovereignty inside North America is at risk of completely disappearing. At least Québecers have a say in the running of our country, either through direct votes or through their representatives in Ottawa. You can bet your bottom dollar that if we ever found ourselves in a tight North American union, which seems to be a rapidly encroaching reality, that Canadian and Mexican voices would have no such representation. Clarkson sums this up nicely with the following paragraph:

The American colonies declared their independence from the British empire invoking the principle of No Taxation Without Representation (for themselves). But the American empire in the 21st century now insists on Continentalism Without Representation (for Canada or Mexico). And without representation in the seat of continental power, it’s obvious that neither country’s interests would be protected.

Here’s another nice quote:

To accept full labour integration would require including Canada and Mexico in a common security zone, with the frontier administered by officials integrated in U.S. data banks applying U.S.-dictated criteria to would-be immigrants.

Maybe we should let the sovereigntists have their fun. After all, in a decade or so it probably won’t make a difference.

  1. Ian Stevens

    January 7, 2006 at 8:36 am

    in the bloqs “acctualization plan” it states quebecs intentions to completly legalize marijuana and regulate its production

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