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The double-life of Brian Mulroney

Jun 6, 2004

I was just flipping through the channels on TV and caught the tail-end of Brian Mulroney reminiscing Ronald Reagan on Larry King Live. When Mulroney was done, Larry King signed him off as “the former Prime Minister of Great Britain.” Ouch.

Update: CNN keeps transcripts of all Larry King Live shows and, thankfully, they do not revise them to correct errors. The transcript for the show aired yesterday contains the above error:

MULRONEY: Good to see you, Larry. Thank you for having me and delighted to be with you.

KING: My pleasure. Good guy. Brian Mulroney, the former prime minister of Great Britain (sic).

When Conservatives attack

Jun 3, 2004

From The Globe And Mail:

Mr. Arron said he tried to get Mr. Harper to give a clear answer [on whether he would use the notwithstanding clause to take away the Charter rights of gay and lesbian Canadians] at a rally in Guelph, which he was attending with volunteer Bob Smyth.

Mr. Arron was shouted … Read more

What an election, Toronto!

Nov 13, 2003

After almost a year, the Toronto election is finally over. And what an election it was! We were blessed with five leading candidates who had it all: experience, notoriety, charisma, strong (and oftentimes differing) political platforms, intelligence, and a passion for the city. Hell, if we could have somehow fused the best parts of each … Read more

Imposing the silence

Nov 12, 2003

I was lamenting to a co-worker today that Canadians, by and large, do not reflect much on the significance of Remembrance Day. For most, it causes no interruption. Should you happen to be on the subway which stops for the two minutes of silence, certainly. Otherwise, you might go through the day unawares. Read more