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The double-life of Brian Mulroney

Jun 6, 2004

I was just flipping through the channels on TV and caught the tail-end of Brian Mulroney reminiscing Ronald Reagan on Larry King Live. When Mulroney was done, Larry King signed him off as “the former Prime Minister of Great Britain.” Ouch.

Update: CNN keeps transcripts of all Larry King Live shows and, thankfully, they do not revise them to correct errors. The transcript for the show aired yesterday contains the above error:

MULRONEY: Good to see you, Larry. Thank you for having me and delighted to be with you.

KING: My pleasure. Good guy. Brian Mulroney, the former prime minister of Great Britain (sic).

When Conservatives attack

Jun 3, 2004

From The Globe And Mail:

Mr. Arron said he tried to get Mr. Harper to give a clear answer [on whether he would use the notwithstanding clause to take away the Charter rights of gay and lesbian Canadians] at a rally in Guelph, which he was attending with volunteer Bob Smyth.

Mr. Arron was shouted … Read more