I am not ashamed of Chrétien … this time

I’m siding with The G Spot against the US drug czar and his perception that Canadians are ashamed of Chrétien’s jokes about smoking pot once he retires. Sure, it was a bad joke, but so is the wisdom behind our current anti-drug legislation.

I am, however, ashamed of Canadians who post to right-wing American comment forums and beg Americans to invade and “liberate” Canada. In many other countries, such talk would land you behind bars on charges of treason. Me, I’ll be civil and offer some advice. If you people dislike Canada so much, perhaps it would be best for your cause if you coordinated the attack from outside its borders. The rest of us will even help you pack your bags. Hell, we’ll even hide some prime BC bud in your luggage as a surprise to share with your friends at the Immigration and Naturalization Service1!

1Now a subsidiary of Homeland Security.

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