The Globe And Mail redesigns; breaks its links

The Globe And Mail has redesigned its site. I dislike it, mostly because it makes me feel as if I am viewing the site while squashed into a tiny box. A fixed width for content is never cool. The site redesign frustrates the whole online news experience, which is not to say that the previous design was any better. However, this new design leaves me feeling even more confined.

As if reading The Globe And Mail wasn’t frustrating enough, the redesign has introduced yet another URL format and has broken all old links. Each URL is still preceded by “servlet”, but now “/story” is appended to that instead of “/ArticleNews”. Why not just eliminate the “servlet” part as nobody but their server cares? A simple Apache rewrite rule could handle that and make the links that much easier to handle. Even though they’ve changed the format of their URLs, they are still not very human readable. At least it’s a far cry from their original parameter-separated nonsense. Now that was horrid.

Now the question is, should I try and update my links to The Globe And Mail? Even links found in entries posted this past Wednesday are broken.

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