Second rally against a war in Iraq

For the second time this year, I marched against a war in Iraq. As expected, today’s rally was much larger than last month’s rally. I gauged the crowd at some 20,000. The Globe And Mail reports there were 10,000 in attendance, a gross underestimate, while the CBC reports that 25,000 were present. According to The Toronto Star, however, numbers were as high as 80,000.

In addition to attracting more people, this month’s rally seemed better organised than January’s. I was happy to see the same diverse set of people and also pleasantly surprised at the level of relevant placards. Hundreds of signs dotted the crowd, all but a few of which denounced a war on Iraq.

Everybody seemed to have a camera at the ready, as if they were representing Transmetropolitan’s SPKF. Victor took some pictures, and you can also view Frank’s pictures from the rally.

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