Feedster does not practice what it preaches


If you’d like to use an image you find with Feedster Images, you should remember that it is considered bad blogging form to embed images from other sites in your own blog, thus using their bandwidth for your blog. Check with the author of the blog to see if its [sic] ok and then copy the image to your server if that’s ok.

I wholeheartedly agree. However, Feedster does not seem to follow its own advice, particularly on its page of images included in current weblog posts. (I found this out after I started to receive hits for the image contained in my Becel Ride for Heart post.) The obvious and easy thing to do would be to cache resized copies of the images being displayed. Instead, your browser is forced to download the original image from each weblog, which is then resized to fit the thumbnails. As a result of this disgusting display of hypocrisy, I am blocking all images which have Feedster as their referrer.

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