Becel Ride for Heart update

The day for the 2003 Becel Ride for Heart draws near, and I just thought that I’d take this opportunity to request that you sponsor me for the ride if you haven’t already done so. I liken donating to the Heart and Stroke Foundation as a kind of insurance. Your money goes towards research which could save either your life or the life of someone you care about. This coming Thursday is your last chance to sponsor me online, so please do not hesitate! As I mentioned in a previous post, there are added incentives for webloggers and website owners.

Taking a cue from Frank Yang, who will be joining me on the ride, may I present the Trek 4300 which I will be riding on June 1st. I bought the bike around a month ago and have since logged more than 300km on its wheels, most of which was in a series of 50km rides down the Don Valley Trail. Sadly, the weather this month has not been all that cooperative and so I have not been able to get as much practice as I had hoped. Speaking of which, the weather for June 1st looks to be a 90% chance of rain, which will no doubt take most of the fun out of the ride. Luckily the ride is for charity so at least someone will benefit, even if it isn’t my soggy ass.

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