2003 Becel Ride for Heart

I successfully completed the Becel Ride for Heart this morning, although there was never any doubt in my mind that I would be able to do so. The 30km/h wind coming from the north-west made the 25km climb up the Don Valley Parkway to York Mills a little more challenging than I was expecting, but it also made for a rapid descent back down to Exhibition Place. To get an idea of how much the wind affected the ride, consider that it took me roughly an hour and a half to travel to York Mills, but just over a half an hour to return to Exhibition Place. Despite the wind, my time satisfied my goal of completing the ride in less than two and a half hours. Next year, I think I will try the 75km ride.

If you ever decide to attempt a charity ride like the Becel Ride for Heart, here are a few tips:

Thanks to those who sponsored my ride. Together we raised roughly $330 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Thanks also go out to Vic who signed me up for the ride.

Update: Others who were part of our group have written of their experiences. They are:

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