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Archives now online

Nov 4, 2002

I’ve managed to put an archive listing by adding an “archive” flavour and messing with the Apache rules. Here are the lines I added to my Apache ruleset for the blog directory:

RewriteRule ^archives$ archives/ [R] RewriteRule archives/(.*) blosxom.cgi/$1?flav=archive [L]

For some reason that first rule is not automatically filling in a missing trailing slash, … Read more

I’m back … finally!

Nov 3, 2002

After months of procrastination, I have finally brought my weblog back online, although not how I had hoped. My goal to create a weblog which posted to Radio Userland-powered sites bore a resemblance to what I do at work, so I couldn’t muster the motivation. I was probably going about it … Read more

One day left

Aug 14, 2002

My trial version of Radio expires in one day, possibly tomorrow. Since the only platforms Radio supports are Windows and MacOS, it is doubtful that I will buy a copy as I use Linux at home. I have been using Radio from work and, while I have been impressed, I don’t think it is worth … Read more