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Comments are now online

Nov 20, 2002

Following Vic’s example I have added comments thanks to Haloscan. However, I have chosen to use the bare minimum Javascript so there is no dynamic displaying of the total number of comments as of yet.

More popular than Ian Stevens

Nov 10, 2002

Vic suggested that I comment on my rise in the Google rankings. At present writing, a Google search for “ian stevens” returns my Radio weblog as the highest ranking search result, surpassing even famous Shrewsbury forward Ian Stevens as well as Ian Stevens, … Read more

Crazed monkey is after their blood!

Nov 7, 2002

I know the whole Googlism thing is passé, but I can’t resist just one post. I’m still not sure if I want to stick with the “crazed monkey” theme, but after performing a Googlism search for “crazed monkey“, I’m leaning towards keeping it:

crazed monkey is … Read more

RSS feed now valid

Nov 5, 2002

That invalid RSS feed I spoke of was actually my bad. As it turns out, I actually was including a relative URL reference. Wow, do I feel like a dumbass for not taking a hard look at this entry which was causing the problem.

So now I have a valid RSS … Read more