Avoid the honey in coffee shops

Sep 12, 2007

This morning after having bought my coffee, I went to grab the honey from the self-serve area. Noticing it was missing, I checked above the espresso machine to see if it was there. As it wasn’t, I asked someone for it and they went to get a fresh one. Upon his return, he told me … Read more

On My Mind

Clinton's prepped for personal attacks for 30y. When they come up in the #debate, she will be unfazed. Trumpists will question her humanity.

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JavaScript is quickly becoming my go-to language where I need basic functionality along with a low barrier to entry for casual developers. Writing Selenium tests in JS seems like a good alternative to a DSL or cumbersome Java tests.

The Slow Way to SPDY

Linked on Sep 26 at 18:34

“[T]here is a partial Python implementation of the v2 [SPDY] draft that has seen some love and works with the current Chrome builds but (and herein lies another kink) only if you disable SSL support explicitly via the command line, which is a pain since it’s rather trivial to get the whole thing to work … Read more