Now with even more strict HTML compliance!

After a day or so of diddling Radio, I now have a weblog which adheres to HTML 4.01 Strict and CSS2. Special thanks goes out to the following:

Now that everything is solid as far as the W3C is concerned, I think I will look into creating prettier templates. This one is OK, but it’s not as flashy as I would like. A few graphics might help, but I still haven’t figured out how to use radio.macros.imageUrl() inside a stylesheet. I should also add a few more content boxes to the right.

Fortunately, I have succeeded in separating form and content. You’ll note that, aside from the calendar, there are no tables in this page. The DIV element has always been my friend and now with CSS2 I am considering graduating it to “confidant”. Oh baby.

If I feel so inclined, I might document my adventures in a story containing detailed pointers on how to make Radio pages W3C compliant. We shall see.

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