Shuttle SS51 review

I’m not sure how expensive this puppy is, but it looks like a great solution to the large and loud desktops out there. Having read the reviews of the Shuttle SS51′s predecessors, this would be my machine of choice if I were to get another PC. The Shuttle series machines are small, quiet, can hold more power than I’ll ever need and seem to be reasonably-priced. My only concern is whether Linux, my PC operating system of choice, will be able to support a Shuttle-brand motherboard. I really don’t need a new machine now and will probably only buy one if either my current machine dies or if I run into a vast sum of money. No doubt someone will install Linux on it, and then we’ll see how that goes.

Note that I said if I were to get another PC. It’s almost a foregone conclusion that my next machine will be a Mac, probably a laptop. Again, this is if I run into some money that needs spending. As it stands, there are other purchases which need to be made and, oh yes, the recovery of the tens of thousands of dollars I have lost to the stock market.

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