Getting into trouble with themes

Rather than use the Radio themes provided, I thought I’d make my own. You see, I hate tables and the provided templates use them as if they are in danger of going out of style. I also love standards and the aforementioned templates did not even comply with HTML 4.01 Transitional as advertised in their DOCTYPE tags. With eager fingers I set about creating my own theme which would be HTML 4.01 Strict. That was my first mistake.

I managed to piece together what I thought looked like a suitable template using only one table, strict HTML and valid CSS throughout. I would have succeeded too, if it wasn’t for those darned macros! Amazingly, almost all of them succeed in generating horrible HTML. So out went the calendar, the comments, and the statistics script. The only thing remaining is the subscription link which the W3C validator claims is invalid because of its use of the border attribute.

Now I have a page with no functionality and no pretty background because radio.macros.imageurl() seems to generate an absolute link when placed in a background style attribute.

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