Wireless sports data on a PDA

If you’re a sports fan and have a Palm OS® or a PocketPC® device, you might want to check out Covers’ new wireless sports matchups and live odds, powered by Phantom Fiber, Inc. Those with a wireless solution for their PDA can take advantage of up-to-the-minute sports matchups, injuries, live odds and articles on the go. If you don’t have wireless access, you can make use of the offline mode which synchronises data on the PDA, which you can then browse when the PDA is disconnected from its cradle. This is a free download!

Update: Blake has divulged some information about the client-side of the Covers application. Our development team has spent a lot of energy on exciting innovations on the client, specifically the Palm client. These efforts are mostly due to the fact that Palm does not provide many of the niceties that one has come to expect from either an operating system or a simple GUI platform.

Disclaimer: I am an employee of Phantom Fiber, Inc.

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