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… and we’re back

Sep 29, 2004

My site has been down for the past few months, first because of a failed power supply and then because of a damaged irrecoverable hard drive. The last backup I made was over a year ago, hence the ancient entries you see below. Everything since September 1st, 2003 is now gone, including all my email … Read more

2004 Becel Ride for Heart

Jun 8, 2004

I keep forgetting to comment on this year’s Becel Ride for Heart. You can be sure that I finished it, although I almost missed the start time. Vic’s rear tire suffered a puncture and I accompanied him back to the Cyclepath tent to have it replaced. The pit crew … Read more

2004 Sporting Life 10k

May 2, 2004

I must have completely lost my senses when I agreed to run this year’s Sporting Life 10k. Before last week I had never run 5km, let alone 10km. Before last week, I had never owned a reasonable pair of running shoes. Still, I managed to do fairly well despite the pouring rain, the … Read more