2004 Sporting Life 10k

I must have completely lost my senses when I agreed to run this year’s Sporting Life 10k. Before last week I had never run 5km, let alone 10km. Before last week, I had never owned a reasonable pair of running shoes. Still, I managed to do fairly well despite the pouring rain, the chest cramps at the 4km mark (I ate too close to the start of the race, you see) and despite running on five hours sleep. My time of 56:12.9 was less than my goal of one hour.

For those interested, the final results can be found online. The results are somewhat misleading as they are sorted by the time at which each person crossed the finish line, and not that person’s trip time. I was late to the starting line and so did not start until 5 minutes after the official start time. After resorting the results, my standings are as follows:

Now to get ready for this year’s Becel Ride For Heart.

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