2005 Sporting Life 10k

This year I ran the Sporting Life 10k for the second time, besting last year’s time of 56:12 with a time of 49:28. My goal this year was to achieve a time of less than fifty minutes, which was accomplished only because I sprinted to the finish line after being able to read the gun time clock. Next year’s goal is an aggressive forty-five minutes.

FYI, here is a comparison of my chip time and placing between 2004 and 2005:

Year Chip time Overall standing Men’s standing Men 25-29 standing
2004 56:12 2708/5220 (52%) 1708/2378 (72%) 233/313 (74%)
2005 49:28 1491/6339 (24%) 1164/2976 (39%) 159/349 (46%)

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