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RSS for some

Nov 3, 2003

I grow weary of constantly reloading sites which lack RSS feeds to determine whether they contain new content. If I was still using Syndirella as my news reader I would be able configure those sites as web feeds. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I switched to SharpReader as it allows for grouping of … Read more

Feedster does not practice what it preaches

May 27, 2003


If you’d like to use an image you find with Feedster Images, you should remember that it is considered bad blogging form to embed images from other sites in your own blog, thus using their bandwidth for your blog. Check with the author of the blog to see if its [sic] ok … Read more

Move-to in CSS3

May 20, 2003

One of my biggest beefs with working with HTML and CSS was that the separation of content and style had not gone far enough. One still had to consider the structure of the document in terms of element ordering. For instance, when writing a white-paper one would have to decide whether to place the table … Read more