RSS for some

I grow weary of constantly reloading sites which lack RSS feeds to determine whether they contain new content. If I was still using Syndirella as my news reader I would be able configure those sites as web feeds. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I switched to SharpReader as it allows for grouping of feeds and contains a number of other neat features which Syndirella does not have. To solve my problems, I am now hosting RSS feeds for a few external sites until they are able to get their own.

I have chosen to start with two weblogs which are focussing on the Toronto election. They are:

The feeds are updated every three hours, are not guaranteed to validate (they almost certainly do not) and are created by a script based on one written by Sam Ruby. These feeds are only temporary, available until the content authors create their own. They may disappear at any time, so if you use them be sure to nag the content authors into creating their own feeds.

More feeds to come.

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