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Spirited Away

Dec 18, 2002

Frank posted his review of Spirited Away last night, and I feel that I need to respond to the following comment:

Ironically, Ian and Vic walked out of there claiming to have found it incomprehensible. This astonishes me – this had the most coherent, albeit simple, plot … Read more

Further separating content and style

Dec 15, 2002

To further separate content and style in my weblog, I have eliminated the use of the <tt> and <i> HTML elements. Any use of the <tt> element has been replaced with one of <code>, <samp> or <var> when referencing computer code, output or variables, respectively. I am a little fuzzy on where text which delineates … Read more

Java and read timeouts

Dec 12, 2002

We were encountering a problem in the server code at my company whereby read() requests on a stream were blocking and never returning. This was causing periodic data retrieval within threads to hang, which would eventually eat up all available threads and lead to stale data. I tried creating a watchdog thread which would periodically … Read more