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The Joy of Signing

Nov 26, 2002

I just spent the past few minutes signing twenty release documents and witnessing our CEO’s signature on those same twenty documents. I’ll have to do it all over again tomorrow for the releasees’ documents. The good thing is that the $2 million counterclaim and our subsequent $12 million counterclaim vanish in a puff of legal … Read more

Canada411 channel for Sherlock

Nov 25, 2002

So you’ve ditched the phonebook in favour of Canada411 and life is grand. Within seconds, you’ve got the phone number and address of that hottie you’re stalking. A few clicks and a cut-and-paste later, you pinpoint your target’s location with the help of MapQuest. Easy, yes, but tedious and somewhat slow. … Read more

Hu’s on first

Nov 24, 2002

This is a little stale, but it’s classic. I heard a recording of

It’s a post-apocalyptic world

Nov 21, 2002

Some years ago when I was in university, a friend asked me “Do you ever get the feeling that you’re living in a bad cyberpunk novel?” I feel that way now, more than ever, especially after reading the headline “Miss World riots escalate“. Just when you thought that life … Read more