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One day left

Aug 14, 2002

My trial version of Radio expires in one day, possibly tomorrow. Since the only platforms Radio supports are Windows and MacOS, it is doubtful that I will buy a copy as I use Linux at home. I have been using Radio from work and, while I have been impressed, I don’t think it is worth … Read more

My own personal hell

Aug 14, 2002

Many who know me are aware of how I loathe the popular music of the day. Much of it causes me actual physical pain. It is because of this that my gym has become my own personal hell. Three days a week since February, they have been piping in the same tunes over and over … Read more

Meat on a stick festival

Aug 12, 2002

Sunday I went to the Taste of the Danforth with my friend Vic and his friend Kevin. This food festival features booths providing culinary delights of various restaurants along the Danforth.

The name “Taste Of The Danforth” might evoke a lush variety … Read more