Meat on a stick festival

[Meat on a stick]Sunday I went to the Taste of the Danforth with my friend Vic and his friend Kevin. This food festival features booths providing culinary delights of various restaurants along the Danforth.

The name “Taste Of The Danforth” might evoke a lush variety of offerings from the vibrant community which resides along the Danforth east of Yonge. However, it should have been called “The Meat On A Stick Festival” as pound-for-pound, from Broadview to Donlands, there were more sticks surrounded with meat than any other food. Yes, there were smatterings of sushi, samosas, waffles and pasta but these food items and all others were vastly outnumbered by the mighty and ubiquitous meat on a stick.

If you can’t get enough of meat delivered to you on a wooden stick, then by all means mark the date of the festival down on your 2003 calendars. Lucky for me, I won’t be joining you.

Vic also has a few words to say on this subject.

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