B.C. has the right idea; Toronto should follow

Drinkers in British Columbia will soon have until 4 a.m. to imbibe alcohol at their favourite bar or pub.

I’ve always thought that Toronto should do something like this, although it would never happen. Before the World Cup, businesses lobbied city council to increase the hours where alcohol could be served so that fans could watch the games live from South Korea and Japan while downing a few pints. City council voted against this idea as they thought it would create chaos as drunk revellers collided with morning commuters.

I don’t head out that often but, when I do, I don’t arrive at a bar or club until about 11pm, leaving only three hours before the place closes and the subways stop running. Sure, I could head out earlier but most clubs I would go to are always empty before 11pm anyway.

Increasing bar hours would mean nothing unless the TTC increased its subway hours so that drunks could head home safely and cheaply. Not very many people would stay to drink if they had to ride an even more crowded vomit comet up Yonge after the subways closed, or dish out $15-$20 for cab fare. Unfortunately, this wouldn’t go as the TTC is strapped for cash as it is.

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