A (somewhat) indecent proposal

I mentioned yesterday how my weblog ranks high on searches for John Nunziata and John Tory. As it turns out, I received an offer earlier today promising six figures and a cushy job at City Hall in return for turning those high-ranking pages into ads for a certain mayoral candidate. Naturally, I turned the offer down as I refuse to act as a shill for a political figure, let alone six monetary ones.

I am turning the matter over to the Toronto Police for further investigation. Goodness knows why, as no doubt they have better things to do with their time. Those who made the offer know who they are. As such, I will not be revealing the guilty parties at this time. Instead, I leave it to my readers to make wild speculations and, in so doing, drag the political process into the mire where everyone is sure to be sullied.

Oh yeah, the candidate whose team made the offer; that person will be mayor.

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