Get Your War On: Sanctity of Human Life Day

A new page of Get Your War On strips was posted yesterday, including some scathing remarks on the United States’ Sanctity of Human Life Day.

WOMAN: If my daughters were systematically raped as part of a war crime, could I counsel them about abortion? Or would that violate the spirit of National Sanctity of Life Day?

MAN: Come on, we have to keep the spirit of that day alive all year! Like Ebeneezer Scrooge and Christmas! Life is sooo precious!

WOMAN: Yeah … what a precious gift life is. Especially when it’s forced into you, bloodily, again and again, by a group of soldiers holding you down in a refugee camp. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Hey, that was yesterday! Happy belated Sanctity of Human Life Day, visiting Americans! Wouldn’t it be nice if you guys could celebrate your special day by fire-bombing Baghdad and “liberating” thousands of Iraqi citizens starved by crippling sanctions? That would be keen!

A history of National Sanctity of Human Life Day:

Keep spreading your compassion around the world and inside your own borders, Americans! You guys are the best!

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