Poll: 44% of Canadians are prejudiced xenophobes

Canada NewsWire is reporting that, according to the Maclean’s 19th Annual Year-End Poll, 44% of Canadians would restrict Canada’s intake of Muslim immigrants. This disturbing statistic was part of a summary of the poll findings, which also stated that 60% [of Canadians] would put refugee claimants arriving ‘without valid ID’ on the next plane back to where they came from. (I don’t know about you, but the first thing that I would do before fleeing death and state persecution is make sure that my ID is valid and up-to-date.) Lastly, 51% favour locking up refugee claimants in ‘secure locations’ until their cases are heard, emphasis mine.

Should we start building the internment camps now or simply hand out brightly-coloured armbands to Muslims and refugees?

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