Ah, Kissinger

It’s been a couple of weeks since Kissinger was appointed to lead the 9/11 investigation, but I happened across these humourous links just now.

From Roger Ebert’s review of The Trials of Henry Kissinger:

“By appointing [Kissinger] to head the investigation into possible failures of U.S. intelligence in the months before 9/11, the President, having resisted such an investigation for more than a year, shows he doesn’t really care what anyone thinks.”

From The Daily Show‘s Kissinger spot (via BoingBoing.net):

“Henry Kissinger is the natural choice to head this investigation. [...] If you want to investigate an assault on a democracy, who better to head it than the man who instigated the overthrow and assassination of the democratically-elected leader of Chile in 1973? Who better to look into a secret attack than the man who secretly bombed Cambodia? And, in general, who better to investigate the failures of U.S. intelligence on behalf of the American people than the man who successfully kept the American people completely in the dark about U.S. intelligence?”

Some recent choice headlines:

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