Pro-Miller weblogs on Tom Jakobek’s campaign website

How long has Tom Jakobek’s campaign website featured a list of Toronto weblogs? (Specifically, how long has this weblog been on that list?) Many of the listed weblogs are pro-Miller, and not one of them supports Tom Jakobek’s bid. Did Jakobek’s team even take a few moments to read some of those links?

Oh well. Tom was never a contender anyway, although he gets a few points for recognising the weblog community.

Update: Tom Jakobek’s internet advisor responds, and rather nicely despite my being a complete ass:

As an internet advisor to Tom Jakobek I want you to know the reasons bloggers were included on is because Tom recognizes the important role bloggers play in providing independant coverage of issues and a venue for dialogue. Yes the campaign has read the opinions expressed on the blogs and several have acknowledged the value of the policies and ideas Tom has put forward. We all want a better city, dialogue will help that happen.

Amen to that.

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