The alternate reality of the Canadian right

Once again, a Smug Canadian does his best to misrepresent Canada:

Canadians are actually a pretty conservative people, but we do have a somewhat fucked up system which results in a political party with a minority of support receiving dictatorial power over our nation.

I’m not sure which polls he is referring to, but every recent poll I find gives the federal Liberals majority support and an overwhelming lead over every other political party:

The interesting thing about those last two polls is the rising support for the Progressive Conservatives and the declining support for the Canadian Alliance, who tie the NDP for third place. Astoundingly, the EKOS poll has the Liberals well in the lead in Alberta, a bastion of Alliance support.

Please don’t take me for a Liberal cheerleader. Far from it. They have become too cocky for the nation’s good and I yearn for strong opposition on both sides of the political spectrum to keep the Liberal machine in check. However, the support is there. Show me a recent scientific poll which places the Liberals with minority support.

This isn’t the first time I have seen someone from the Canadian right attempt to pass fiction off as reality. Why is that? Are they so delusional, so hopeful for a right-wing retaliation that they have begun to hallucinate its existence? Or is this an attempt to manufacture support by repeating the same lies over and over again in the hopes that someone will believe them?

Here’s another one from the reality-challenged right:

Our “leadership” is currently scoring big with a disproportionately powerful and ignorant minority (Quebec) by taking dirty shots at the USA.

Call me naive, but didn’t the Liberals win the last two elections despite not having the support of Québec voters? How are they then “disproportionately powerful”? Couldn’t that title be better attached to Ontarians, given that a majority of the Liberal seats are in Ontario? Or what about PEI, which, I believe, contains the most federal ridings per capita, all of them Liberal. And how can a minority of 7.5 million be completely discounted? I don’t understand.

Silly me, I forgot my right-wing reality blockers! I’ll just put them on and everything will be clear!