Test post using TextMate

Oct 19, 2006

I’m writing this post from within TextMate. It’s a pretty keen editor … not sure if it’s worth the €39 to me. It’s certainly better than editing from within WordPress.

It’s funny how Mac OS has made me expect so much more … Read more

This blog has moved

Oct 18, 2006

I’ve moved my blog to another hosting service and have migrated all my posts to WordPress. Hopefully there are no problems, but if you notice any errors or missing pages please let me know.

Update: Apparently the hosting service I am using has problems with category URLs. I … Read more

Dissecting my presentation

Jul 18, 2006

Last Wednesday I made my web traffic presentation, which received positive feedback and made some excellent impressions. In retrospect, the agreed upon speaking fee should have been a lot higher. I ended up putting quite a lot of time into the content of the talk, possibly resulting in an hourly rate of less than minimum … Read more

On My Mind

…fathers who yearn for sons, who are more involved when they have them. I was living in a bubble of dads who engaged with their girls. 4/

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This wasn't someone who knew me well, she was a friend of the family, in her thirties. This was someone whose experience was mostly… 3/

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I was floored. When I said I was looking forward to having either two girls or one of each, that it didn't matter, she was surprised. 2/

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