Multiple expression if statement in BASH

Nov 21, 2006

It’s not very well documented, but it’s possible to include multiple conditional expressions in a single if statement in BASH. By multiple conditional expressions, I mean something like:

if foo = 1 or bar = 3 or abc = 4 then print Hello World end … Read more

Future Toronto Transit Map features

Nov 19, 2006

Now that my Toronto transit map contains many of the features I envisioned when creating its predecessor, it’s time to think of new features I would like to add. What follows are whatever features I can think of. Most of these are pretty zany, involving tedious work, but who said a feature request … Read more

On My Mind

“You don’t know much from tax returns, you learn from financial disclosure.” Both of which Trump has failed to produce.

Tweeted on Sep 26 at 21:38

So weird watching debate live feed before the debate. Literally sounds of shuffling of papers, mic check, and breathing right now.

Tweeted on Sep 26 at 20:58

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