Colour-coding your log output with sed

Nov 11, 2004

If your application is logging events to a file, chances are that you often find yourself using tail to monitor that file. If you are using a logging library, chances are that your logging events are classified in differing orders of severity. Wouldn’t it be nice to make severe errors readily … Read more

… and we’re back

Sep 29, 2004

My site has been down for the past few months, first because of a failed power supply and then because of a damaged irrecoverable hard drive. The last backup I made was over a year ago, hence the ancient entries you see below. Everything since September 1st, 2003 is now gone, including all my email … Read more

2004 Becel Ride for Heart

Jun 8, 2004

I keep forgetting to comment on this year’s Becel Ride for Heart. You can be sure that I finished it, although I almost missed the start time. Vic’s rear tire suffered a puncture and I accompanied him back to the Cyclepath tent to have it replaced. The pit crew … Read more

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Adactio: Journal—Responsive enhancement

Linked on Mar 21 at 17:02

In this post, Jeremy Keith of Adactio argues for a new approach in web design; one which isn’t about pixel perfection but more about proportion perfection. Keith goes on to describe methods to achieve response enhancement, both on modern browsers and browsers which don’t support new features which make the technique easier to implement.

Adactio: Journal—Sea change

Linked on Mar 21 at 16:55

Apparently I’m not the only one who gets frustrated when pages featuring events don’t contain links to add the event to one’s calendar. Jeremy Keith of Adactio makes the case that web design should not be fixed, but fluid and responsive to both how a page is viewed (eg. mobile) and what is contained on … Read more