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The hijab as a symbol of courage

Dec 31, 2002

Please don’t feel sorry for us. Given the post-9/11 climate, a Muslim woman who chooses to wear her hijab and participate fully in society has courage. Despite prevalent negative attitudes, she is secure in the knowledge that God strengthens those who seek divine help. And isn’t a confident woman an excellent asset for our society?

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Dec 29, 2002

I just don’t want to ruin it by making it a Hollywood thing, like an orchid heist movie or something, changing the orchids into poppies and turning it into a movie about drug running. Why can’t there be a movie simply about flowers? It’s like I don’t want to cram in sex or guns or … Read more

Spirited Away

Dec 18, 2002

Frank posted his review of Spirited Away last night, and I feel that I need to respond to the following comment:

Ironically, Ian and Vic walked out of there claiming to have found it incomprehensible. This astonishes me – this had the most coherent, albeit simple, plot … Read more

Bollywood/Hollywood review

Dec 8, 2002

I went out to see Bollywood/Hollywood last night at Cumberland. This is one of those movies which, although bad, is not quite bad enough so as to be enjoyable. The acting was wooden, the comic timing was off and the chemistry between the principal cast was almost non-existent. The song and dance scenes, … Read more