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FSI Language Courses

Linked on Apr 27 at 21:27

The Foreign Services Institute developed audio language courses. These courses are now available in the public domain for free and include some 40 languages so far, including Twi.


Linked on Apr 26 at 17:26

“The logging server itself is a centralized service to which any and all Python code/processes/servers can log messages to. This means that multiple processes can log messages to the same log file without conflict. This concept extends across servers that are running Python processes so long as there is a network connection between those servers. … Read more

The World Bank Data

Linked on Apr 20 at 17:01

The World Bank’s data catalog is open, providing easily-consumable statistics for over 2000 indicators. It’s a fantastic resource with an excellent opportunity for informative visualizations.

Will Wall Street require Python?

Linked on Apr 20 at 4:22

Making the case for the SEC mandate that “most ABS issuers file a computer program that gives effect to the flow of funds, or ‘waterfall,’ provisions of the transaction [and that] the computer program be filed on EDGAR in the form of downloadable source code in Python.”

Imagine a world with government-backed usage of … Read more