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On iPad Punditry and Curmudgeons

Linked on Feb 4 at 19:28

Rui Carmo delivers a great article on Tao of Mac lashing out against the anti-iPad pundits. Read it, especially if you’re on the anti-iPad side.

Judging by my links to pro-iPad posts of this nature, you’re probably aware of where I stand. I think it’s a great device. I’m OK with its closed nature, in … Read more

Google Translator Toolkit

Linked on Feb 3 at 16:33

“Google Translator Toolkit helps translators translate better and more quickly through one shared, innovative translation technology.” It’s a collaborative environment for machine- and human-translation of documents. Users can upload a document, pretranslate it, invite others to help its translation and then export the translated document.

On iPads, Grandmas and Game-changing

Linked on Feb 3 at 6:02

Three stories of iPad technolust; three people who are averse to computers. One, a grandmother who is frustrated with and never speaks about computers. Another who is technophobe who reluctantly uses computers for work but loves his iPhone. The last, a contractor who hates computers, dismisses tech talk but wants an iPad for his business. … Read more

Chrome OS Concept Tablet Breaks Cover With Demo

Linked on Feb 2 at 22:17

Google released mock-ups and animations of a Chrome OS concept tablet. Yes, mock-ups and animations. Of a concept. They’re not even real and the experience still sucks. (A keyboard tied to a resizable window?) Google could have shown a 3D desktop with kittens coming out of the screen, softly brushed aside by waving hands. Instead, … Read more