Chrome OS Concept Tablet Breaks Cover With Demo

Linked on Feb 2 at 22:17

Google released mock-ups and animations of a Chrome OS concept tablet. Yes, mock-ups and animations. Of a concept. They’re not even real and the experience still sucks. (A keyboard tied to a resizable window?) Google could have shown a 3D desktop with kittens coming out of the screen, softly brushed aside by waving hands. Instead, their concept video is more boring than Apple’s videos of actual iPad usage with actual people and actual apps. Why even bother releasing the video, Google?

“The Chromium team suggests that a screen of 5″ to 10″ is optimal for enjoying Chrome OS” and yet the tablet in the video must be 20″. Either that, or those are the hands of a baby. Who will want a tablet that size? You certainly won’t be able to carry it around with you, much less treat it as you would a book or a sheet of paper.

If this is the best Apple’s competition can come up with, Apple will enjoy a monopoly for years to come. The consumer will suffer for lack of alternatives as a result.

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