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Out-of-context quotes from the sales department

Aug 7, 2002

Walking by the sales office just now I heard one of our sales guys exclaim, in a jovial voice

“You can’t get any more penetration than that!”

Sometimes, you just don’t want to know.

Radio news aggregator sucks

Aug 7, 2002

Why is it that when I delete a few items in Radio’s news aggregator, a bunch of previously-deleted items suddenly appear and I have to spend a few minutes cleaning them out? What Radio needs is a ‘Check All’ option or something like that so I can uncheck the items I’m interested in reading later. … Read more

Too much booty

Aug 6, 2002

I had a reasonably good weekend which included heading out to the Caribana parade on Saturday afternoon. I never thought it possible, but there was just too much booty. Everyone was dolled up and looking for some action, much like this article describes.

I find … Read more