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Bad transit map redirect due to hosting upgrade

Sep 13, 2007

On Monday my hosting service moved their servers. Ever since then requests on my site for URLs not ending in a backslash forward to This means that if you access my transit map without including the backslash, the map will refuse to load because of inconsistencies with the Google Maps API key. I’ve opened a related ticket with my hosting service and hopefully they’ll fix the issue. In the meantime, please use the URL which works.

Cease-and-desist letter unlikely for transit map

Jan 9, 2007

I was mentioned again in the Toronto section of yesterday’s Globe And Mail, this time in an article on the TTC website redesign. I can’t find the link online, but here’s the paragraph:

During the past year, the TTC went from sending a cease-and-desist letter to blogger John Martz for publishing Read more